What is the basic philosophy of Michael C. Brown Custom Builder?
While most custom builders maintain a “behind the door” philosophy of “find the least expensive way to build it, keep face to face time with each client to a minimum, and make the most money possible” our philosophy is diametrically opposed to the typical custom home builder.

  1. Spend the same amount of money that our client would spend with another building contractor, but find a way to make the product or system significantly better; i.e., there are a number of ways that a builder can spend the same X amount of dollars and have two significantly different levels of quality. This may be hard to accept or understand but we have found that this can be achieved in many cases. The fortunate situation for us is the fact that most builders do not have the time to educate themselves; i.e.,. either they just don’t care to become a better builder or they don’t have the time to educate themselves through industry related classes/materials.
  2. We encourage as much face to face time as possible with our clients. Custom home contracting is a very “grey area” business. The more communication you have with each client assures that you as a builder, will meet or exceed the expectations of the client. Without constant contact with the client, a builder has scripted certain failure in meeting their clients expectations.
  3. Yes, we strive to make a profit. We have to or we won’t be around to service our past clients for the decades to come.
Custom Home Construction Philosophy

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This is very evident with recent events in our community whereas well known builders have gone out of business; where does this leave the clients who had their houses built by these companies? We have to make a profit; it all lies in whether it is a fair profit or an excessive one. For the past fifteen years our profit margins have been at or just below the national average as quoted in the various trade publications. We feel this important and supports/justifies our current pricing philosophy. More importantly we strive to maximize the quality standards for the same money spent and customer service/support. We hope that we can provide these goals to your project.

The absolute goal of Michael C. Brown Custom Builder is to provide the highest quality product at a reasonable price that provides for a fair profit to our company. Whereas, when the house is complete and our client has moved in, the first words from their mouths is “There is definitely a difference in the level of quality, and we appreciate it!”