ICF Under Construction

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During the early 1990’s, while looking for a better solution to cinder block foundations and trying to solve the prevalent problem of “wet” crawl spaces, we discovered a product called “Insulated Concrete Forms”.

This product combines the insulation value of expanded polystyrene and the structural integrity of steel reinforced concrete, which makes walls stronger, safer, quieter, and more energy efficient than any other residential wall system on the market. This product is commonly used in the northern climates for its energy efficiency and in hurricane, tornado and earthquake prone areas for its structural values.

Since 1997, we have used this product for the foundation on every home that we have built whether it is a crawl space or a basement. In 2000 we built our first entire concrete home to the rafters.  We now build about 50% of our homes this way.  In all cases, it overwhelmingly outperforms conventional building products and leaves our clients extremely satisfied.

ICF Home Completed

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The basic design of the wall system is an expanded polystyrene form that is assembled similar to a “Lego Block” system. After assembled, steel rebar is placed in the center cavity; then, concrete is poured in the cavity to create a solid steel reinforced concrete wall. After completed, this wall is ready to accept any interior or exterior finish that you desire.

For basement applications, there is no need to frame out the wall such as with a cinderblock wall or standard concrete wall, in order to insulate and attach drywall. With this product the insulation is already included and drywall can be fastened directly to the wall. When completed, this wall performs the equivalent of an R-50 fiberglass wall with no air infiltration (no drafts).